Ecommerce Web Design – Easier Methods for Merchants

There are so many web designers and web design companies available online today for merchants to use as resources for their ecommerce needs, choosing the right one can sometimes be a difficult decision. What if the decision of who you decide to forefront your company’s ecommerce look and feel could be an easier decision than ever before? You would probably feel much better knowing that there are more affordable solutions that can be accomplished quickly and effectively to get your ecommerce business the online presence that it needs to sell the products and services you offer your clientele. With so many options, choosing the right ecommerce web site designer can be an overwhelming and stressful decision. Take these ideas into consideration before you hire your next ecommerce web site design company or web designer to assist you with your ecommerce web site needs.

One of the best available resources for ecommerce capabilities is using a web designer that can customize your ecommerce website using a third party shopping cart system. Ecommerce websites that are designed using third party shopping cart systems can be just as attractive, if not more attractive than a completely customized system. Because there are some very popular and useful third party shopping carts available, it not only is affordable, it makes customizing them a stress free process. Because more and more ecommerce developers are coming to third party shopping cart systems for their ecommerce needs, there are now lists of programmers that create modules to customize your ecommerce shopping experience to the next level. That means, having a shopping cart that can do everything you need, having your site laid out in a fashionable and professional manor, without sacrificing design or functionality.

Expanding your online resources to a more modern and professional system like many of the popular third party shopping carts can be an easy transition, if you select the right web design company to do the job. When selecting the right ecommerce web design company, consider their portfolio. Does there portfolio include several different web sites that they have designed in various industries? Is there portfolio impressive and professional? Speak with the web design company on the phone to discuss what specific needs you have for your ecommerce business. Many times, especially with the modules available, a talented ecommerce web designer can build you the ecommerce web site you have been waiting for. Finding an ecommerce web designer that’s affordable and provides quality work is the most important part.

There are typically two different ways that ecommerce web sites can be built. By the hour and by the package. You will have to search around to find the best package that will work well for your ecommerce company. If there aren’t any packages that would support your ecommerce web design needs, inquire about paying per hour to have your ecommerce third party shopping cart system and web design packaged more personalized. Many web designers that are fluent in using third party shopping cart systems and are talented web designers can use there talents to come up with the perfect design and ecommerce implementation that will work perfectly for your business.

No matter what company you decide to go with for your ecommerce web site design project, make sure that your new ecommerce store is user friendly, professional and search engine friendly. Just having a website won’t make you money, you have to advertise via pay per click, search engine optimization and other methods of advertisements. Once you have the ecommerce web site you’ve been waiting for, show it to the online world and let them know about the great products or services you offer.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ecommerce

I remember my mom used to always test the water before she would put my little kid sister into the bath tub. Later my dad would say “Son, look at both sides of the coin before you start anything”. So here we are; mind made up and all ready to take the plunge but just before we do, some primeval instinct makes us pause and check both sides of the coin. The internet will provide you with a fairly extensive list of relevant, irrelevant and some downright fictional list of advantages and disadvantages of electronic commerce. What I’ve done is to lay out the real issues that would irritate or delight you on a day-to-day basis. So here goes:

The disadvantages of ecommerce

These usually consist of silly mistakes on the part of either the store owner or the customer:

1. Returned items – a major disadvantage of ecommerce
Very often customers misunderstand a description or are simply in too much of a rush to bother reading the detailed product description. Thus, an electrical item such as a cell phone charger that requires 220V of electricity and meant for use when on tour in Asia, is bought for local use in USA and subsequently returned often accompanied with a nasty “this is not working” letter blaming the seller for selling sub-standard products.

2. Back charging of credit card transactions – an irritating ecommerce disadvantage
Linked to above point, the customer will reject the charges. When that happens, the credit card company will not only reverse the credit but also levy a charge on your account. It wasn’t your fault but you’ve got to shoulder it.

3. Data entry errors – silly mistakes that are potentially expensive
Glenn, the store clerk entered the price of a box of finest pears as $0.96 instead of $10.96. Over the next two days the store owner was swamped with hundreds of orders for Pears. The missing digit nearly wiped out the profits for that month. Friends swear they saw Allan the store owner laughing and crying at the same time. Meanwhile Glenn, thanks to Allan’s generous heart, is now in the packing section.

4. The search engine fog – this a big disadvantage of ecommerce
If you set up a brick and mortar store at a prominent location, you get noticed instantly and will have customers from the moment you are open for business. This is not an advantage with ecommerce. In the virtual world, the only location that matters is the location in the search engine’s search results. If you’re not on the first page of the search results then you are relegated to the back alleys of cyberspace.

5. Can be equally expensive – hidden costs are a major drawback of ecommerce
True, you don’t have to spend on utilities or staff or for that matter, even on an office. But setting up a good online store requires a lot of hard work by professional people. First, they need to build you a good online store and then, it needs to be marketed by. The people who do it need to have special skills and deep knowledge, both of which are expensive. Successful ecommerce internet marketing of your online store results in a good search engine rank. The downside of ecommerce is that, the moment you stop spending on e-marketing, the search engine rank begins to slip. In a brick and mortar store you have to pay premium rentals for a premium location. The equivalent of premium rentals for an online store is e-marketing.

6. Rogue web hosting – a major irritation in ecommerce
My dad used to say “It’s so difficult to find good help these days”. I say, it’s very difficult to find good web hosting these days. Dropping rates have resulted in ecommerce web hosting services companies often running themselves on little more than hot air or recruiting staff who are clearly not competent. Any resulting down-time can prove potentially expensive. It is relatively easy to find good professional help to build and market your online store or office but finding good web hosting is a different matter altogether.

The Advantages of ecommerce

1. Location neutral – A fantastic advantage of ecommerce
How often have you heard the words “Location, location, location”? The first advantage of ecommerce is that it is location neutral. Every website is at a prime location and your customer only has to travel the distance of a single mouse click to reach you.

2. No need for supervisors and cashiers – ecommerce has a big cost advantage
An online store or online office does not need a separate set of supervisors or cashiers. At the most it needs one person monitoring the sales. Everything happens in a neat and orderly fashion. In fact, you can open as many online stores as you like for less than 5% of what it takes to set up a brick and mortar store or office.

3. Open 24 x 7, 365 days of the year – ecommerce does not take a break
You may be asleep but in other parts of the World, customers are awake and busy shopping. Ecommerce search engine optimization lets you take full advantage of this.

4. Go international from day one. Electronic commerce internationalizes your trade in an instant!
You’ve heard the term “global village” being bounced around by all and sundry. But did you know of its connection with your trade? By setting up an online store or online office, you reach out to customers irrespective of their location on the globe. For all practical purposes, you and your customers live in a village – a global village on an international scale. The advantage of ecommerce web site solutions truly boggles the mind.

5. Look Ma, no paper, no storage but I got money in the bank – Advantage of magic in ecommerce
Your online store emails you the orders; you collect them and email your suppliers the packing slips. Your suppliers ship out the orders. You don’t have to stock anything and can be as paperless as you like. Even your cash is collected directly by your bank which emails you a monthly statement.

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Marketing Strategies: How To Decide On Promotional Products For Your Ecommerce Website

When deciding on promotional products, you have to take several factors into account before you decide to send your promotional products around. You’ll need to know several things in order for your promotional branding to be effective. Here’s a few ways you can make your promotional products effective and actually entice custom.

Create Promotional Products For Your Target Audience
For this marketing strategy to work, you need to create promotional products that are appropriate for your target audience. This means it has to be something useful they will use and will entice them to use your services or buy your products.

Those in the business of marketing agree that the best promotional items are the everyday items that people are going to use. Stationary for instance is a common promotional item as pens, notepads and sticky notes can be all used on a day-to-day basis. These everyday items act as a reminder in their daily life of you business, a useful marketing tactic.

Quality Over Quantity
Promotional items will act for most as the first impression, thus you want it to be a good one. Using lots of cheap promotional goods will give off the wrong impression, i.e. that your business is not classy or professional. Investing in some good quality promotional items will state to your target audience that you are a classy, reliable and professional business that can be trusted.

Add a Business Card
When using promotional goods to market your business; always add into the promotional ‘doggy bag’ a business card, so they know where and how to find you. Your business cards at this point must be well developed and demonstrate to the public what your business exactly is. So make sure it is perfect before you send it out. Secondly, think how you can incorporate your business card into a promotional product, as the public is less likely to accidentally loose or throw away a promotional good. Many businesses use magnets or notepads for this purpose, as they act as a permanent business card.

Your type of promotional goods will depend on what type of audience you are targeting and what sort of business you are. Professional accountancy firms often use stationary to promote their business, whilst a fashion house may use fashionable badges or t-shirts. As you can see there are various promotional goods that can work for your business.

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Start Making a Fashionable Profit With an E-Commerce Store

Is fashion your passion? Then why not set up shop from home and make a fashionable profit off of the seasons hottest trends? Let’s face it – no matter how bad the economy may be, we all need clothes! I know it may sound like a daunting task but with a little revenue, will power, and knack for clothing, you could be running an online boutique from the comforts of your home in no time!

So, first thing is first. You are going to need to figure out what type of clothes your boutique will specialize in. Elegant and glamorous? Chic yet sporty? High class and sassy? The choice is yours! I would suggest with going with your taste because chances are, the spark to further your business will never go out! Plus, you’ll always have the hottest trends right in front of you!

Next, you need to actually purchase the clothes. Even though you will be buying an abundance of clothing, you will be getting them at wholesale price. You can do this simply by contacting the vendor and requesting their current inventory sheet. This little booklet is armed with visuals of their latest fashions and their wholesale prices. Trust me, the first time you see how inexpensive that $250.00 dress you purchased from that big name store is on the wholesale list, you will totally be taken back!

Now it is time to set up shop! One of the perks of living in this digital age is that we can shop from the comforts of our home. Therefore, it’s time to get an excellent web designer that is well versed in e-commerce. Just make sure that your designer supplies you with a state of the art CMS (Content Management System) so you can update your site with new clothes and deals at your discretion. You can take pictures of the clothes on a mannequin or hire a model. Upload them on your site and you are almost ready to go!

Lastly, it is extremely important to have a great marketing plan. You can have all the best clothes in the world in your store, but if no one knows about it, how can you expect them to buy them? Whether you want to market with affiliates, magazines, social media, or traditional outlets, this is your time to get creative and spread the word of your boutique all around the web!

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